2021 Judging Schedule

posted Jul 27, 2013, 10:19 PM by Buffalo County   [ updated Apr 29, 2021, 5:38 PM by Jason Bork ]

 June 26, 2021 
  Fairgrounds, Mondovi, WI
 1:00 PM    Dog ShowShow Arena
 June 28, 2021    
 6:00 PM Style Revue Roger Marten Center Mondovi, WI
 July 17, 2021 
 9:00 AMHorse Show Midnight Riders Arena Mondovi, WI
 July 20, 2021  
 6:00 PMFoods Revue Roger Marten Center Mondovi, WI
 July 29, 2021  
10:00 AM Cloverbuds & Explorers Red Bingo Barn
3:00 PM Small Animals Red Bingo Barn

Cats and Exotics(following small animals) Red Bingo Barn
 5:00 PM    Swine Show Arena
Crops Building

Natural ScienceCrops Building
  July 30, 2021
 Fairgrounds, Mondovi, WI
 9:00 AMBeefShow Arena
  Rabbits and PoultryRabbit/Chicken Barn
Tan Building
 Foods Tan Building
  Knitting and Crocheting  Tan Building
 Home Environment
Family Living and Child Development
Tan Building
Tan Building
  Photography Red Bingo Barn
  Plants and Soil Sciences Crops Building
  Woodworking, Electricity, and
 Mechanical Sciences
 Crops Building
 Cultural Arts
Booths/Youth Leadership
Health, Social, and Political Science
 Tan Building
 Tan Building
 Tan Building
  Demonstrations Tan Building

 Computers Tan Building
 12:30 PM Meat Goats Show Arena
1:00 PM Sheep (following meat goats Show Arena
 July 31, 2021  Fairgrounds, Mondovi, WI
 8:30 AM Dairy Goats Show Arena
  9:00 AM Dairy (following goats) Show Arena
 August 4, 2021  
 9:00 AM Carcass Judging Gunderson Foods, Mondovi, WI
 August 5, 2021  
 7:00 PM Carcass ShowGunderson Foods, Mondovi, WI